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Lend a Hand, Stay Connected, Live Well at Home

Membership Services for Standard Members and Reduced Fee Members

Trained and vetted volunteers, many of whom are also village members, provide most village services.  Following is listing of commonly requested services, but if you need something not listed here, just ask. This list is a jumping off point and not an exhaustive list of our services. If you can think of a task the village will do its best to find a volunteer to help with that task.  (Note: Village services are available only to Standard and Reduced Fee members.)

Members also have full access to our acclaimed programming. You can find more info on our programs on the programs and events page here.


Volunteer drivers provide one-way or round-trip transportation to members and may assist them to and from the front door and carry groceries and packages as needed. Rides can be provided for any reason, although the destination of the ride is generally limited to the District of Columbia. We also provide free lyft rides if volunteers are unavailable.

In-Home Assistance:

Village volunteers go to a member's home and can help with a variety of household tasks.  Such requests may include, but aren't limitted too:

  • Cleaning out closets & cabinets
  • Changing ceiling light bulbs
  • Hanging pictures & curtains
  • Moving medium-weight items too heavy for the member
  • Making simple repairs
  • Organizing paperwork or assisting with completing forms
  • Providing yard work
  • Offering short-term assistance with light household tasks such as laundry or cleaning

Technology & Technical Support:

Volunteers help explain technology to members, advise them on equipment purchases and upgrades, tutor them in hardware and software use and provide assistance such as:

  • Troubleshooting a computer, printer, or mobile phone issue
  • Explaining “how to” execute various functions and make better use of computers, tablets, and phones
  • Setting up a new computer or printer
  • Setting up a home wireless network

Convenience Services:

Volunteers help members with a wide variety of other tasks, including, but not limitted too:  

  • Shopping for groceries
  • Escorting a member to a medical appointment
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Mailing packages
  • Running errands
  • Picking up mail & newspapers
  • Walking dogs & caring for pets on a short-term basis

Friendly Visits & Contact Calls:

Volunteers may call or visit members to check on their wellbeing, chat or read to those with impaired vision.

Case Management:

The village employs a social worker as a consultant to assist with short-term and crisis issues. The case manager can make assessments, provide support, and make referrals to qualified professionals or agencies. A referral from the village executive director is required.



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