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Foggy Bottom West End Village

Lend a Hand, Stay Connected, Live Well at Home

Meet our Village volunteers -- and join their ranks!

What they do

These are the folks who make the Village work.  They serve on the board; on committees that plan and deliver social and education events, recruit new members and deliver services to members.  


They work in the office, take pictures at events, manage this web site and raise money for the organization year around.


Click here to sign up as a volunteer and add your name to this list!

A Special Thank You to Our Volunteer Drivers

We want to take time to say a special thank you to our three dedicated volunteer drivers. Mark Budd, Ruthmarie Finley, and Bill Wicker have provided dozens of safe rides over the course of the pandemic and have stepped up to take many members to their vaccination appointments over the last few weeks. They have been ready on short notice and have crisscrossed the city getting members to their appointments. The village would not have able to get anywhere near as many of our members vaccinated without their help.

Ruthmarie Finley

Ruthmarie has been a member of the Village since 2018 and has been an essential volunteer from the outset. She spent time on the program committee and has always been ready to step up for the Village.

Bill Wicker

Bill joined the village in 2019 and also immediately volunteered to help his fellow members.

Mark Budd

Mark is not a member of the village but has been one of our main driving volunteers for years now.

Both Mark and Bill were heavily involved in our months long meal delivery program at the outset of the pandemic.


Overall, the Village wouldn't be able to offer nearly as many rides or services without the invaluable help of our three driving volunteers. If you are able to drive members or would like to help out in other ways, we could always use more volunteers.

Volunteer Honor Roll

Monika Bernstein 
Richard Bienia
Mark Budd
Lynn Cates
Morris Chalick
Michelle Christian
Paloma Costa
Burke Dillon
Marium Durrani
Jeremy Evoy
Myrna Fawcett
Perry Feder
Ruthmarie Finley
Lorna Grenadier
Susan Haight
Ellie Hart
Patricia Kellogg
Bill Kincaid
Phyllis Kramer      
Suzanne Legault
Jackie Lemire
Binney Levine
Stan Levine
Robin Meigel
Louise Micallef
Deb Neve
Paul O'Leary
Bob Phillips
Cathy Raines
Ciera Rawson
Katie Santarelli
Jane Selby
Nadia Taran
Michael Thomas
Carl Vacketta
Bill Wicker
Sally Willis
CB Wooldridge

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