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Foggy Bottom West End Village

Lend a Hand, Stay Connected, Live Well at Home

Meet our Village volunteers -- and join their ranks!

What They Do

These are the folks who make the Village work.  They serve on the board; on committees that plan and deliver social and educational events, recruit new members and deliver services to members.

These essential parts of our community make the Village an enjoyable and supportive place for all our members. We simply wouldn’t be able to function without them. We hope you’ll consider joining us as we continue to expand our role in the community.

Click here to fill out our volunteer interest form and support the village!

A Special Thank You to our Volunteer Drivers

We want to take time to say a special thank you to our dedicated volunteer drivers. Transportation to medical appointments has always been a primary request from our members and without our drivers we would be at a loss. That being said we are always looking for more drivers. Please fill out our interest form if you think you would be able to drive members to appointments.  Safety training for transporting members would follow.

Mark Budd, Ruthmarie Finley, Bob Haas, Paul O’Leary and Bill Wicker have provided scores of safe rides over the course of the pandemic. They have been ready on short notice and have crisscrossed the city getting members to their appointments. The village would have fallen severely short of our support goals without their help. Please join them to continue to support our members

In fiscal year 2021 our volunteers graciously gave the Village over 2,400 hours of their time. These hours saved the Village approximately $70,000 over the course of the year. Simply put, the Village would not be able to function without the generous support of our volunteers.

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